A Cold White Fear(A Meg Harris Mystery)(2015)

A Cold White Fear(A Meg Harris Mystery)(2015)

Author: R.J. Harlick



Stranded by a blizzard at her isolated cabin, Meg Harris finds herself in a desperate and terrifying situation when two strangers arrive.

As night approaches, a major blizzard has cut off road access to Meg Harris’s isolated wilderness home, Three Deer Point. She is alone with her young friend Adjidamo, preparing for Christmas, when a knock suddenly echoes through the house. She finds two strange men at her front door, one of them bleeding. Against her better judgment, she lets them in.

At that moment, the power goes out, plunging the group into total darkness and severing all phone links to the outside world. So begin a terrifying twenty-four hours that have Meg summoning up a courage she didn’t know she had to get herself and Adjidamo out alive.

Very good thriller book, I liked it so much, that I couldn,t stop reading before I know the end. Sometimes it was so horrifing that I wanted to quit it and never open it again. I like thrillers and crimenovels. Book was so good that  I really want to read more books like this. Book was so exciting and I enjoyd it so much that I want to read it more and more. The end was so heart warming that i couldn,t resist crying. Some times when I read it, I felt that life in such horror is no good for nobody and Meg handeled it very well. I am so proud that she decided to help, but she didn,t know that everything goes like that and she’s life can be in danger. I promise that I recommend it to my friends and I think they like it too. Very Good! 🙂



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