Destiny (Montana Dreams #2)(2015)

Destiny (Montana Dreams #2)(2015)(123lk)

Author: Cait  Jarrod



With the exception of one dear friend who treats her like a daughter, Autumn Wilcox keeps her heart closed off to others. Now this friend struggles with her last breaths and makes a request—for Autumn to find the elusive rainbow that will reveal her destiny. She doesn’t have faith in such tales, but for her friend, she agrees and seeks a pilot to take her to Bluebird Valley, Montana.

After the death of his parents and his brother’s war injury, Travis Carson withdraws and his heart goes numb. He dives into work until his brother settles in Montana because of Travis’ insistence to carry out their parents’ dream of living in the mountains. He quits his search and rescue job to purse his vision of opening a scenic tour business in Montana. So, when friends ask him on his last day of the job to give a woman a ride to the Big Sky Country state, he agrees. Simple, easily done, but the swirl of energy radiating off her has him agreeing and doing things out of his norm. He can no longer push away his feelings to protect his heart. He wants more.

My opinion about book

This story was so good, I loved it so much that I couldn,t stop before I finished it.
It was easygoing, light and funny in several times and sometimes it was so sad when they argued and didn,t want to be in relationship because they feared that history repeats and they lost what they have ever loved. So much emotions and sometimes story was so hearbreaking and I read it and cried it was so real that I couldnt, stop to read it.
They had  their issues, but destiny brought them together and forced them to work it out. The road wasn’t easy, but it was pleasant and they found destiny to follow together and they decided to take it day by day and live to together in Montana in Travis house with Autumn and their pets Hopper and bullmastiff Rufus.  I loved the story and I have read the first book too. I wish I can read the third book too because it was so good that I wanted to read it more and more. I am glad that I found this author books and I will reccommend them to my friends too! Thank you!



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