Desire (Montana Dreams, #3)(2016)

Desire (Montana Dreams, #3)(2016)(114lk)

Author: Cait Jarrod



Cadence Duvall has a heartbreaking secret. Rather than risk rejection, she pushes away the man who taught her the true meaning of desire. Two years later, her heart still hurts and the guilt remains. She heads to Bluebird Valley, Montana, and her best friend, to bury the memories of a tragedy caused by her careless actions.

After Cadence breaks his heart, Bradley Lovett severs ties with his overbearing parents and takes a position in Florida as a horse trainer at a thoroughbred stable. An urgent phone call from his sister, begging him to help the woman he only wants to forget, sends him to Montana. When Bradley tries to help Cadence face her secrets, he finds forgiveness may be the key to their happiness.

My opinon about the book

I loved this series, there were three books and I just couldn,t stop reading them. And I found author, who writes so good books, that I just want to read them more and more. This book was about Candence and Bradley. Candence is Trina’s friend and Bradley is Trina’s brother. I loved this book so much as I loved the all books in this series. These books are best romance books for me. I just wish I have same heartbreaking love that in this books  were. I hope I will have more chance to read this author books and review them. Story was so hearbreaking and full of feelings and there was some sadness too, but LOVE can win all bad feelings. I hope same happens to me too! I will recommend these books to my friends.



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