Author:  J.M. Thorne


Roo is trapped in a performance nightmare, where the longer he survives, the greater the chance he will have to remind the other men, that they have a chance to fight against their alien captives.

My opinion about the book:

Roo has been captured by aliens and taken aboard their ship in order to perform for them. The aliens are blood thirsty, they enjoy watching humans bleed and to perform means to survive being carved up night after night on a stage while an audience watches. Roo is determined he will not do as they say and will find a way to revolt. Aliens is conquering the human race. The human race is being wiped out by the incredible blood lust and losing it’s last hope of fighting back and surviving. It was just fine story, little creepey and bloody but it was short story so I just read it but it wasn’t so good for me. Just fine!  Quick read for the alien  fans. Very bloody story and very confusing ending.



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