Resurrection River (Men of Mercy #2)(2015)

Resurrection River (Men of Mercy #2)(2015)(326lk)

Author: Lindsay Cross



Ranger James accepted his best friend’s death like a good soldier.With guilt. Regret. Vengeance. But a forbidden desire keeps pulling him from his mission…

Desire for his best friend’s widow.Killed in Action. That’s why Amy Carter’s husband wasn’t coming home.

A war widow, alone and broke, Amy struggles to revive her family’s crop dusting service to survive. Now she takes to the skies to find escape. Escape from the pain. From the guilt. From the earth-shattering desire for her husband’s best friend.

Amy and Ranger can’t fight the attraction between them any longer. But one fateful night cleaves their new found love in two…

Can they find the will to fight for true love? Or will an evil so shocking destroy their lives for good?

My opinion about the book

Ranger James has always been in love with Amy Ann Carter but when she married his best friend Shane she became off limits. But now Shane is gone, killed in action and Ranger is torn between his love for Amy and his duty to the memory of Shane. Yet Ranger promised Shane he would take care of Amy, although he is uncertain to what the really meant.

I love this book so much that I just can,t stop reading it. The story was so good and I just really wanted to read more this author books. I truly recommend this author series to my friends and I am glad that I had chance to read it. I loved this story just as much as book one, maybe even more. Ranger was totally swoon worthy, and Amy was spunky and determined. When this couple gets hot and bothered, serious sparks fly. I love them and the other men from Ranger’s team. I will read all books in this series. And I hope that my friends who read it love it too. Thank you so much Lindsay! I love your books so much! Thank you so so much!



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