Hard Wired (Pinnacle Point #4)

Hard Wired (Pinnacle Point #4)(2016)(42lk)

Author: Kelly Apple



Eugene Turner could be the poster child for the socially awkward. In real life, his pick-up lines always fall flat and he’s more of a laughter generator than a stud.

Which is why he prefers spending most of his time hooking up with the lovely ladies he meets online instead of prowling the bars for a real-life honey. When he’s wired in, he has women begging for his attention and enough naughty pics sent to him to keep him happy night after night.

An unexpected betrayal, a transformation of epic proportions, and a meeting he never expected could give Eugene everything he never knew he was missing. As it turns out, there’s someone out there for everyone when you live in Pinnacle Point. Eugene is proof of that.

My opinion about the book

This was just funny and enjoyable short story about man, who loves most in this world to be naked and he does things that, some men are doing secretly. I hope that I have chance to read more this author books. This book was fourth in this series and I have read all Pinnacle point books and I hope that this series continues. He is surfing in some internet page where people are nasty and they chat about their bodies. Still I want to thank author about chance to read her books and I hope she likes the first review about this book. I wanted to say that I never read such books but this series are so good written that I couldn,t ignore it. Thank you and all best to author!


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