Raylan (Men of Mercy #5)(2015)

Raylan (Men of Mercy #5)(2015)(135lk)

Author: Lindsay Cross



Raylan Wild lived up to his last name. He spent his youth sowing his oats and living life for the moment. Then he met Amber and after one incredible night, Raylan was ready to give up his wild ways. But then a call from his ex turned his world upside down. Raylan sacrificed his tender new feelings and left town to raise a son he’d never even known existed.

All the while, dreams of a beautiful brown haired girl haunted his dreams.

Amber Atkins had given everything to Raylan. Her virginity and her soul. Convinced she could tame the notorious bad boy, she was devastated when he left without a word.
Now six years later, Raylan has returned to Mercy to convince Amber that they can’t live without each other. But can Amber find the strength to trust again?

As a stalker grows bolder, Amber’s life is in danger and she’s forced to turn to one man for help – Raylan Wilde. In order to survive, she must trust the man that nearly destroyed her with her body and soul.

My opinion about the book:

I just couldn,t stop reading this amazing book, I have loved all books in this series what I have read. It was so good that I just wanted more and more. I hope someday I have love in my life too and somebody loves me so much as Raylan loves Amber. It was so good that I forgot to go bed and just keep reading it. This is a stand-alone book, but I do recommend reading the other books in the series, and reading them in order, to get the best, most  enjoyment out of the series. I really liked it and I am starting reading Ravaged River soon and I hope that I love it so much as I loved this book. Thank you Lindsay and keep writing such amazing books! I am so happy that I had chance to read it and I hope soon eight book in this series come out!




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