Ravaged River (Men of Mercy #6)(2016)

Ravaged River (Men of Mercy #6)(2016)(386lk)

Author: Lindsay Cross



Special forces operative Hoyt Crowe wasn’t just damaged… he was broken. After suffering brutal torture in captivity, his once lively spirit is shattered. Now his greatest adversary isn’t some unknown terrorist in a foreign country, it’s himself.

Hayden James watched Hoyt slide into a private purgatory of post-traumatic stress disorder, taking her heart with him. No longer warm and loving, he is cold. Hardened. A shell of his former self.

When an old enemy threatens Hayden’s life, Hoyt must find the strength to slay his inner demons or lose the woman he loves forever.

I have read this five books in this series and I want to say that I love those stories. This story was so good that I just kept reading it and forget to do other things.  Hoyt and Hayden are just perfect couple forever and I hope they will live together and never go apart.  I’m glad Hayden finally figured out the way to get him to open up and to fall love again. I want to thank you Lindsay for writing this amazing series and just that she gave me chance to read her books. Best lovestory forever and I am glad that I found those military romance books to read. I love Hoyt’s and have waited to read his story for a bit now and was so excited to get my hands on it.Hoyt has been tortured and near death. He has been left with scars both internally and externally. Hayden is the love of his life and sat by his bed nursing him back to health and seeing past his scars. He is determined to push her away. She deserves better than the shell of a man that he has become.  Good story and I will read more books in this series, I also started to read Arons Honor 🙂


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