Opposites: The Little Book of Big Friends

Isiklik lugemiseväljakutse 2020

5.Raamat, mida pole eesti keelde tõlgitud (loed võõrkeeles)

Opposites: The Little Book of Big Friends(2020)

Author: Agnes Green



Kids will love learning about opposites in this fun and colorful adventure…

Are you looking for an adorable and educational book that will delight your children for hours? Now there’s a great way to introduce your child to opposites. This book features hilarious, colorful pictures packed with funny details, and easy to remember rhymes. More than 20 pairs of unexpected and interesting opposites will tickle your child’s funny bone.

All the little animal friends have gathered together to play in the park. They are each unique in different ways. But they still enjoy spending time together… even if they are opposites! Every page introduces your little ones to new pairs of opposite animals, and shows how they’re different!

Written in an accessible and funny style, it’s easy for your child to fill in the opposites as you read together. You could even turn it into a funny game, to make you and your little one laugh each time you read. Just check out all these cuties… Aren’t they adorable? Your child will love them all!

After spending a long day in the park, all the little animal friends are ready for the bed… and now you have the perfect bed time story to read to your little one as well. Are you ready to entertain your child, and teach them about opposites? Read them this book today, and watch it become their favorite for many days ahead…

My opinion

I love this book at first page. This book was so good and funny that I couldn,t stop reading it. And all because of Kindle, where I bought this book.

This book is about animals and its so funny that reading it is so FUN!!

I recommend this book to my friends who have children. Definetly!!